Heart or Mind

The important shift in the journey of the soul is the movement of consciousness from the head space where our thinking and analysing and mental chatter occurs through verbal language, to the heart space where silence is the all pervading method of communication.

By its structure and nature the head space is dualistic. It is designed to help us navigate our temporal world and does so through judgement based in duality; us or them, right or wrong, male or female, dark or light.

The heart, in structure and essence is an integrated whole. When our consciousness resides here we know no dualism. There is no God, self or others as separate entities, there is only all in all. In this space there is a melting of all the barriers that divide – verbal language being amongst the most critical.

Thus our most powerful prayer is the contemplative silence of the heart space where we do not engage words or images – not even those of God – for mainly these are constructs of the dualistic mind.

In the silence we gradually begin to integrate what the psalmist understood so well when he wrote ‘Be still and know that I am God’. Such knowing is deep – it is the dissolving of all that created the illusion that we were ever separate from God at all, and in the bliss of such oneness the deep yearning of the soul is fulfilled.

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